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Adopting Files and Enhanced Notes in Lightning Experience

Hello! On this page you’ll learn the benefits of adopting Files and Enhanced Notes, how to enable these features for your users, and understand migration options for Classic Notes & Attachments.

Why make the switch?
The ship is sailing…

In Winter ’16 the new Enhanced Notes tool became generally available, and with it introduced a new “Notes” related list separate from the classic “Notes & Attachments” related list.

In Spring ’17 Salesforce announced that in Winter ’18 the “Notes & Attachments” related list will no longer have an upload or attach button and recommends customers to adopt the separate “Files” related list.


Lightning Files and Enhanced Notes include these awesome features:

  • ​Larger File Sizes 25MB vs. 2GB (80x larger!)
  • Previews View most files without downloading
  • Versioning Track one file, multiple revisions
  • Rich-Text Use styles, bullets, and inline images
  • Sharing Share to users, groups, and records
  • Public Links Share to anyone, no password required
  • Customize Page Layouts Detail page for Files
  • Custom Fields Add custom fields to ContentVersion object


Dreamforce Sessions

I’m presenting about this topic twice this year at Dreamforce 2017!
Make sure to bookmark the below sessions:


Ideas Addressed by Lightning Files & Enhanced Notes


  1. Sorting the Notes and Attachments Related List – and create custom fields
  2. Ability to Add Custom Fields to the Attachments Object
  3. Custom Pick-list field to determine the type of the attachment.
  4. Customized Security Settings for Notes/Attachments
  5. Add custom fields to notes object
  6. Allow attachments to be public/private like case comments
  7. Increase the Characters allowed in the Notes & Attachments – Notes Body
  8. Drag and Drop into Notes and Attachments
  9. Transfer Notes & Attachments to another object
  10. Attach notes and attachments to multiple records


Converting Your Data

Unless you are a brand new Salesforce customer then you likely have lots of existing Notes & Attachments in your org. If you are adopting Files and Enhanced Notes then your users will appreciate you bringing that data along so they can take advantage of all these great new features.

I’ve developed two free apps listed below to help you automate the conversions. But as Levar Burton always said, you don’t have to take my word for it =)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Convert Attachments to Files


Resources to help you convert your attachments to files:


Convert Notes to Enhanced Notes


Resources to help you convert your notes to enhanced notes:



Preserve Files After Merging Records

When two Accounts, Contacts, or Leads are merged together then the related records of the merged (deleted) record get re-parented to the surviving (master) record. This is great as we don’t lose sight of the related records and all the data carries over to the master record.

However, Salesforce Files behave differently and are not automatically shared from the merged (deleted) record to the surviving (master) record — the files become orphaned!

But don’t be dismayed, I’ve developed a free app you can install in your org that solves this problem!



Preserve Files After Lead Conversion

For those of you who have tried Files prior the Summer ’17 release may have noticed that converting a lead would cause the Files shared to the lead to become orphaned — they were not automatically shared to the converted Account, Contact, or Opportunity!

Although I had developed a free app to solve this problem, please be comforted that Salesforce finally fixed this issue in Summer ’17 release. No extra magic needed =)



Fun Things to do with Files

Check out these fun, free apps to get more productivity out of Salesforce Files!

Notify Followers of Updates

Chatter is Salesforce’s Enterprise Social and Collaboration tool. You can share knowledge, files, and data across your organization. You can follow users or records and see updates about them in your Chatter Feed or Email Digests, and you can follow files. Nifty!

But what if your team needs more frequent notifications that a file has been updated than a Daily Email Digest? Or what if as an #AwesomeAdmin you wanted to launch Process Builder or Flow whenever a file was created or updated?

Out of the box you can’t do it easily without writing Apex code so that’s why Zach Boyd and I developed the free app Chatter Bot for Files: How to Notify Followers When File Updated so you can do just that! Install the app then use Process Builder to take action when Files are created or updated.


Share Files to Multiple Records via List View Action

Inspired by Christine Miller I developed this free app to allow you to select one or more records on a list view then share to those selected records one or more Files that you either upload or that already exist in Salesforce.


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