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As much as I enjoy sharing my experiences with you all here on WordPress, I understand that you may have different preferences on where and how you read it. That’s why I’m excited to begin sharing my blog posts through more channels so you can get access to them where and when it’s most convenient for you!

Thanks so much for reading, your feedback, and questions – it inspires me to continue writing and sharing! I love hearing how you all can take these solutions and tips to make a difference in your Salesforce orgs. #SalesforceCommunity


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I’ve begun sharing my posts on LinkedIn. You can follow my LinkedIn profile to receive them in your news feed. You don’t have to add me as a connection if you’d rather avoid seeing job changes and my other activity on LinkedIn.

There are also many groups on LinkedIn you may want to join which focus on everything from power user topics, integration techniques, development strategies, to general tips and tricks.linkedin-follow

salesforce-success-communityIf you engage on Salesforce’s Success Community, I and many other authors share links to new posts in The Blog Group. You can also follow my comments and other activity there via my community profile.

medium-logoIf you prefer the simplicity and elegance of Medium, you can follow at While you’re there, check out these other Salesforce related blogs on Medium.


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My favorite reader is In fact, David Giller has compiled an excellent collection of over 100 feeds you can immediately import for your Feedly reading pleasure.

app-cloud-laptop.pngMy blog is just one little piece of the awesome Salesforce Community published on the interwebs. I highly encourage you to check out the many other contributors listed on Oliver Hansen’s expertly curated list at Subscribe to them with RSS readers like or your favorite blog aggregator like

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