Trailhead, the big idea that fundamentally changed how Trailblazers learn, has been met with profound enthusiasm from the #SalesforceOhana. It’s one of the reasons that drew me to join the team in 2018.

But it’s not all just about hard work, empowerment, and career growth, Trailhead is also the fun way to learn!

It’s also the fun way to dress, as trailblazers Chris Duarte, Kristi Pallack Brown, Chuck Liddell, and Daniel Ballinger (and many others!) have shown us with their bedazzling projects to decorate everything from shoes, hats, buttons, and sashes to 3D printables and body tattoos in the unique Trailhead style pioneered by Domenique Sillett and Amanda Cheung.

In this blog post, I’ll highlight some swagalicious bedazzlement inspired by the Salesforce community.

Trailhead Bedazzled Hoodies

The classic Trailhead hoodie is a soft, black, zip-up hooded sweater with the words “Trailblazer” emblazoned on the front. This blog post does a great job introducing what exactly is a Trailblazer and why it matters.

If you’re in San Francisco during Dreamforce, these iconic hoodies are definitely not hard to miss as tens of thousands of Trailblazers descend upon Moscone West wearing them.

The iconic “Trailblazer” hoodie

But did you know there are some rare golden hoodies? During Salesforce events we highlight a Trailblazer who is doing well in their career and doing good in their community. These Trailblazers are awarded a Golden Hoodie. And since it’s quite the attention-getter, people are naturally inclined to ask questions, so the spotlight and inspiration continues. It’s even sparked the hashtag #LifeWithGoldie on Twitter.

The “Golden Hoodie” #LifeWithGoldie

The classic “Trailblazer” hoodies often are swag obtained at Salesforce events like TrailheaDX, Dreamforce, or Trailblazer Community Groups. You can also get your own hoodie from the Salesforce Store.

Trailhead Bedazzled Shoes

Chris Duarte, VP of Trailhead Content, at Salesforce, teaches us the fun way to decorate sneakers. Her first pair was made with green swarovski crystals to match the Trailhead logo.

Take my money πŸ’°, I want the shoes πŸ‘Ÿ

If you see Chris at a Salesforce event, she’s most assuredly wearing one of her amazing pairs of bedazzled shoes.

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for the ever-awesome Ranger Megan, who is also known to adorn some pretty fab kicks!

Don’t have time to bedazzle shoes? You can order these already Salesforce themed shoes available from the Salesforce Store.

Trailhead Bedazzled Hats

Chris Duarte says the secret sauce to Trailhead is the hands-on challenges. So it makes perfect sense that Chris led the Phoenix Women in Tech User Group in a hands-on workshop co-organized with Jean Velonis and Misty Jones to bedazzle Trailhead hats.

Trailhead styled hats (sans bedazzle) often are swag obtained at Salesforce events like TrailheaDX, Dreamforce, or Trailblazer Community Groups. You can also get your own Salesforce styled hats from the Salesforce Store.

Trailhead Bedazzled Buttons

Kristi Pallack Brown, a “Certified Salesforce Junkie (and Architect)”, teaches us the fun way to make Trailhead badge buttons out of bottle caps. She’s also a double ranger, meaning she’s earned 200+ badges on Trailhead. Woo hoo!

Proud of her accomplishments (and rightly so!), Kristi wanted a fun way to display her achievements. I believe she has, and maybe also stumbled upon a nice Etsy side gig?

You can also get pre-made Trailhead pins that represent products and characters such as Astro, Codey, or Einstein. I often see Trailblazers bedazzle their lanyards at events like Michelle Vose shown below.

Trailhead badge buttons and stickers are swag obtained at Salesforce events like TrailheaDX, Dreamforce, or Trailblazer Community Groups. You can also purchase Salesforce styled pins that represent Salesforce Ohana Groups from the Salesforce Store.

Trailhead Bedazzled Stickers

Salesforce stickers are fun, colorful, and expressive. And they are in high demand according to Salesforce’s growing sticker addiction. So much so that sticker swaps, where people seek-out and trade stickers, are being organized at Salesforce events and user group meetings. One trailblazer, Rob Cowell, has even started up an online sticker and swag swap website.

The rarest Salesforce sticker of them all according to Salesforce is Astro wearing a bedazzled golden hoodie introduced at Dreamforce ’18. Keep an eye out, sticker collectors, for your chance to snag the rarest sticker of them all.

Trailhead Bedazzled Sashes

Another one of my favorite physical manifestations of Trailhead certifications is Chuck Liddell‘s sash, which I saw him wearing at Dreamforce. Looking good, Chuck, show off those well-earned certifications!

Chuck is also an excellent instructor and often teaches developer courses and hands-on workshops on topics ranging from Apex to Lightning Components to Architecture. If you get the chance to attend one of his sessions, do so, he won’t disappoint.

Trailhead Bedazzled 3D Printables

Daniel Ballinger, Salesforce MVP, is such a creative and inventive fellow. On occasion he’s been known to print out 3D replicas of the beloved “deployment fish” and Trailhead logo among other fun items.

Have your own 3D printer? If you ask nicely, Daniel might share his designs with you to print out for yourself.

Trailhead Bedazzled Tattoos

On some occasions, Trailblazers prefer to express their passion for Salesforce and Trailhead in more permanent ways. Yes, I’m talking about body tattoos.

The first Salesforce tattoos I became aware of were Meighan Brodkey and Lauren Toyet, who got the Salesforce cloud on their forearms. You can read more about their story here.

Then there’s Anha Singh, who has earned 300+ badges on Trailhead and expressed her enthusiasm with tattoos on her forearms.

And then there’s Shannon Zdanowicz, an AppExchange All-Star with her tattoo of Appy, the AppExchange mascot. ❀️

Wear Your Trailhead Flair

In closing, I encourage you all to wear your Trailhead flair boldly, proudly, and abundantly.

And, of course, no conversation about flair would be complete without this iconic movie clip from “Office Space (1999)”. Enjoy! πŸ˜‰

Office Space (1999) “Pieces of Flair” movie clip

What’s your favorite Trailhead flair you like to wear? Let me know in the comments. Thanks!