I recently had the opportunity to present with Zayne Turner, Lead Developer Evangelist at Salesforce, to the Bay Area Salesforce Developers Group about modularizing your org’s metadata and adopting packaging with continuous integration and delivery. Adam Daw graciously recorded our presentations, which I’ve linked to below.

Salesforce DX and Modular Development

Zayne started the night with her presentation on Salesforce DX and Modular Development. She also has a wonderful four-part blog series with practical tips on how to untangle an org and organize the metadata into discrete packages.


Continuous Delivery with Salesforce Buildpack for Heroku

Next, I presented about Continuous Delivery with Salesforce Buildpack for Heroku. The Salesforce buildpack is an open source project that I’m developing with Wade Wegner to implement continuous integration and delivery of Salesforce DX projects using GitHub and Heroku Pipelines.

If any of what Zayne and I shared excites you, you’re going to love what I have to share with you next. What if I told you that those two hours was only a tasting of what we’ve got in store for you at Dreamforce? That we actually have three days of expert-led, hands-on content that does a deep dive on these concepts and equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to implement these best practices at your company? It’s true!

Learn Directly from Salesforce Experts at #DF18 Bootcamp

One of the great reasons to attend Dreamforce this year is the pre-conference bootcamps. Our bootcamps are three-days of expert-led, hands-on learning before the main conference. This year I’m pleased to announce that the Developing Applications using Salesforce DX and Heroku Pipelines that I co-authored with Angelica MorriessetteAndres Perez and with the support of many of the platform product managers.

See you at #DF18!