UPDATE: A new version has been released.

I’m proud to announce Release 1.6 of my open source project Mass Action Scheduler! Declaratively schedule Process Builder, Flows, Quick Actions, Email Alerts, Workflow Rules, and Apex to process records from Reports and List Views. All with clicks not code.

This release delivers community-requested enhancements and fixes a couple bugs. If you already have the app installed in your org, check out Upgrading to Release 1.6.

One of the biggest improvements, I think, is simplifying the setup steps of creating a Connected App, Auth. Provider, and Named Credential from multiple clicks, copying and pasting, and bouncing to multiple pages down to a single click of a button. I believe you should spend more time using the tool to deliver business value to your users, and spend less time trying to setup the tool. πŸ˜€

Screen shot of the new Mass Action Auth. Setup page:


To automate the setup, I use the jsforce library to easily work with the Metadata API on this Visualforce page. If you’re developing JavaScript apps with Salesforce APIs, you definitely need to check out jsforce byΒ Shinichi Tomita.

Next Steps

  • Install the Mass Action Scheduler app in your org (always test in a sandbox first).
  • Join the Mass Action Scheduler group on the Trailblazer Community.
  • Let me know in the comments, community group, or on Twitter (@DouglasCAyers) what you like (or don’t) about the app and how you’re using Mass Action Scheduler to automate business processes at your company.

Thank you all for your feedback and enthusiasm for this project, it means a lot to me!