UPDATE: A new version has been released.

Inspired by Marie Chandra’s idea Ability to Schedule when Process Builder Triggers, I’m excited to announce my new app Mass Action Scheduler!

Declaratively schedule Process Builder, Flows, Quick Actions, Email Alerts, Workflow Rules, and Apex to process records from Reports and List Views.

  • Declarative – no code necessary
  • On Platform – everything happens in Salesforce so no exporting or uploading data
  • Timely – run manually or schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or any time in between

That’s right. Identify the records you want to process with reports and list views, simple-to-use tools familiar to every admin. No more waiting for records to be updated or creating clever workarounds to cause records to be updated to cause these actions to fire.

I invite you to watch my Automation Hour webinar introducing the tool:

Almost any process automation you configure can be scheduled.

ActionsSupported Types
Process BuilderProcesses that start when invoked by another process
FlowsAuto-launched flows (no screens).
Any that can be called from Process Builder
Quick ActionsCreate a Record, Update a Record, and Log a Call types
Email AlertsAll
Workflow RulesAll
ApexClasses annotated with @InvocableMethod

What can you do with Mass Action Scheduler?

I’m sure you will think of all kinds of ideas how you can use this app. Here are a few ideas:

  • Run a process monthly, maybe to create a record or callout to an external system
  • Run data correction actions daily
  • Automatically add leads and contacts to campaigns based on report or list view criteria
  • Send emails on a periodic basis
  • Create “infinite” flows that continuously loop on a schedule
  • Perform field updates without exporting or importing data

For more ideas please check out the examples in the wiki.

Getting Started

Visit the project page where you can find installation links for the managed package, source code, instructions for getting started, and FAQ.

Thanks, enjoy!