For over a decade, Salesforce Admins have pined for a way to dynamically show and hide form fields on page layouts.

In Summer ’17 release, we can begin to imagine this dream coming to life with two major enhancements to Visual Flow:

  1. Dynamically Update Flow Screen Fields (pilot)
  2. Embed Flows in Lightning Pages (generally available)
Flow in Lightning Page (courtesy of release notes)
Dynamic Flow Screen Input Fields
Dynamic Screen Fields (courtesy of release notes)

Flows and Lightning Pages are like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Two very different features of the platform that go very well together.

Flows can and often are used for creating call scripts that branch logic to either prompt agent to ask a customer for more information, or create records based on decisions made.

Lightning Pages allow administrators to configure a page for Lightning Experience, embellishing it with components beyond just the classic page layout.

Summer ’17 release brings these two together so that admins can add Flows to their Lightning Pages. When, or if, the pilot to dynamically show/hide Flow screen fields becomes generally available then admins will be able to create pages that prompt or show different information based on a record’s values or selections by the user.

Looking to the Future

I’m not in the pilot, but here are some things I’m hoping we can do with this feature mashup:

  • Reduce use of extraneous record types to have minor variations in page layouts to show information.
  • Reduce number of page layouts as the Flow can embed intelligence on what to show user.
  • Dynamic page layouts by record since the Flow could show or hide any information you wanted based on other attributes or criteria.
  • Include multiple Flows on a page just like including multiple Lightning Components, driving even more declarative power for admins without resorting to code.