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In Winter ’16 the new enhanced Notes tool became generally available, and with it introduced a new “Notes” related list separate from the classic “Notes & Attachments” related list.

In Spring ’17 Salesforce announced that after Winter ’18 the “Notes & Attachments” related list will no longer have an upload or attach button. Customers will be required to migrate to and adopt Salesforce Files. Although this change is specific to Attachments/Files, it is very clear that “Notes & Attachments” related list will eventually be retired in favor of the new Files and Notes related lists.

The Future is Enhanced Notes

Migrating to Enhanced Notes instead of Notes is a good idea because they provide you much more capabilities around sharing the note with other users, groups, or records. Enhanced notes supports revisionsrich text, and inline images. It is the future of note-taking in Salesforce, especially in Lightning Experience and Salesforce1.

Migrating from Notes to Enhanced Notes

It’s really easy to get started using the enhanced note taking tool, but what about all your historical notes that aren’t fancy? Wouldn’t it be nice to bring them along for the ride and give them a long awaited upgrade to awesomeness?!

At the time of this writing, Salesforce has not (yet?) provided an official conversion tool from Notes to Enhanced Notes.

Since the Winter 16 release I’ve been developing and tweaking my own conversion tool which I’m happy to open source and share with you all to help make your migration efforts easier and hopefully remove some roadblocks to adopting Lightning Experience.

This project enables the manual or automatic conversion of classic Notes into Enhanced Notes to take advantage of more sophisticated features, like sharing, revisions, rich text, inline images, etc.

The package includes visualforce pages that let you:

  • Configure sharing and conversion options
  • Run test conversions
  • Enable near real-time or scheduled conversions



Special Thanks


Although I’ve done my best to test various org configurations with this tool, there’s bound to be an edge case I’ve not yet thought of. If you have any feedback about the conversion tool or run into a problem, please open an issue on the GitHub project. Make sure to check out the closed issues and FAQ section on the project page as your question or problem might have already been answered. Thanks!

Readers like you who converted Notes also converted Attachments

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