Have you ever needed to automatically update a Case when a Task was logged against it? Sounds like a simple request, right? And since Spring ’17 release it is. But that wasn’t always true with Process Builder.

A walk through history…

Two years ago Ahmad Helal submitted idea to Allow Case to be Updated once a Task is Completed via Process Builder. When Process Builder was first introduced it was not trivial to update the related Account, Contact, Case, Opportunity, etc. of a Task because the Task.WhatId field could hold ID values to different objects. It was non-deterministic what object any given Task was actually related to in the context of Process Builder and so you couldn’t run an Update Records action on the related record.

One year ago I blogged and presented about how to achieve this using workaround of custom lookup fields. In short, Process Builder was used to copy the Task.WhatId value into one of multiple custom lookup fields you added to Task object and then Process Builder could perform Update Records action via the lookup field because the ID value was now deterministic what it pointed to. Although using custom lookup fields got the job done, it still wasn’t an elegant solution to implement.

Out with the Old, In with the New

In Spring ’17 release, enhancements have been made to Process Builder so that we can easily use Update Records action for Tasks to update the related Account, Case, Opportunity, etc without any workarounds or tricks. Check out my quick video tutorial below to learn how.