A client was using Campaigns heavily and wanted to see the Created/Last Modified fields of the members. When the request came in I thought this will be easy, I’ll just update the selected columns on the Campaign Member related list and voila!

Except… when I went to edit the Campaign page layout the Campaign Members related list had no such fields available to choose! But I was determined I could come up with a solution.


Baffled, I employed a simple trick to expose the fields: I created formula fields whose values were the very fields I wanted to reference!

I created four custom formula fields on Campaign Member object whose values were the same as the standard fields:

Created Date =
Created By =
  TRIM( CreatedBy.FirstName & " " & CreatedBy.LastName )
Last Modified Date =
Last Modified By =
  TRIM( LastModifiedBy.FirstName & " " & LastModifiedBy.LastName )

Magically I was now able to add these new custom fields to the Campaign Member related list on the Campaign page layout.